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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Why I Love You So Much

Why I love you so much

You mean the world ooooh and everything that I want for
Since I've been your girl
Oh my whole life has been much better than ever before
You got a tender sweet love, yes you do
That weakens me and takes over me whenever we touch
Baby that's just why I love you so much
Baby that's just why I can't get enough
Baby that's just why I love you so much
I love only you
Now you say that your down
Oh you said you won't play around
No, no not with my heart
And when your boys come around
No your not disrespecting me
And not trying to be Mr.-wanna-be- hard
You let them know that I'm yours yes you do
By holding me, and kissing me
Let them know that for sure
Yes, you don't ever say I'm too young thank you baby
I've been around enough to know enough to know just what I want
You don 't move too fast or make me rush
No one day we're gonna talk about making love
No doubt baby when the time is right
Baby no one else
Can do what you're doing to me
You take me and you hold me
You rock me in your arms baby
And I love you for that baby
You don't front in front of your friends
And you're smart enough to be a real man
And I love you
And I love you
And I love you for that baby


  1. hi.......

    be khudi ki gindagi jiya nai karte,chhin ke jam piya nahi karte, unko mohabt hai to aa kar kahye ,be wajha kisi ka peechha kiya nahi karte.


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