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Sunday, 11 December 2011

You Will Miss Me

When On Your Cheek Will Ba A
Drop Of Tear
When Lonely At Night You Will
Tremble With Fear
When You Have A Lot Of
Things To Say
But Simply No One With Whom
You Could Share
You Will Miss Me

When You Will Look At The
When You Will Be Alone At
When you Will Get Sick And
Receive No Card Of
'Get Well Soon'
You Will Miss Me

When In Moon Lit Nights You
Will Stay Awake
When The Colours Of Spring
Will Appear So Fake
When You Will Be Sorry At What
You Lost Feel Yourself Alone
You Will Miss Me

When You Will Shiver Alone In
The Monsoon Rain
When Someone's Absence Will
Cause Unbearable Pain
When You Will Realize
By Loosing Me What Did You Gain
You Will Miss Me .

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