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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Garden of Friendship.

Garden of Friendship
kind of friend

G is for genuine, the friendships are just this

A is for always here for you, to join you in your bliss

R is for respect, for you'll find it does abound

D is for durable, it's always around

E is for everlasting, as friendships should be

N is for nurturing, the for this is the key 

O is for outstanding, you'll find this is so true

For friendship can make you smile, when you are blue. 

 F is for fantastic, the way you'll always feel

R is for reliable, now that's a great deal

I is for independence, cause we're all so unique

E is for equal, in all we do and speak

N is for necessary, cause life without friends

Does not supply the soul with a purpose to our end

S is for support, friends always do you know

H is for happiness when the friendships grow

I is for ideas, we share them with each other

P is for the privilege of knowing one another.

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