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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Perfect Love.........


He fills my heart with gentleness 
He touches me with peace 
The beauty of his countenance 
My vision life's timepiece 


The way he gathers moonbeams 
The stars that he designs 
The canvas of my heaven 
His art of love enshrines 

The walks upon the earth now 
The softness of the grass 
The flowers made of velvet 
This garden ours at last 


The hand that touches softly 
He glides across my face 
No gentleness is greater 
Than beauty I embrace 

The lips that kiss so gently 
Like whispers of a breeze 
Makes my spirit pirouette 
With love's sweet rhapsody 


Words he speaks like parables 
Fulfill my every wish 
I hear him gently telling me 
No love could be like this 

All these treasures perfect 
The love we feel divine 
Like waves upon the ocean 
Will last till end of time 

Love's journey has no ending 
Like the full moon in its glow 
The circle of our destiny 
It follows where I go 

The messenger of beauty 
Will soar across the sky 
For perfect love is gathered 
With the gentle wings that fly.


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