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Friday, 21 October 2011

"इस दिग्विजय को देखा तो ऐसा लगा-----राजीव चतुर्वेदी ( Is digvijay ko Dekha to Aisa Laga..By Rajiv Chaturvedi)


  1. Bahi wahhh ekdum sahi kaha

  2. it!s tolerable as a comment for few second other side instead of critisis any body,every body took leadership to change malafine intention faces from every corner around us...either from poitics,from corporate...from government...from administration....i mean from peon to politician & from industrialist to individual common man....
    I am sorry to say such tendency spread all over world...those who introduse him self CM(chief minister)as a COMMON MAN..NEVER MEET COMMON MAN...ITS TRUE...YOU CAN SEE IT IN GUJARAT...i am not again politician nor industrialist,but tell you as a comman man...sorry if i hurt any body,but request you to think over it...go ahead ....think positively & act positively....


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